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Why Should You Become an Orchard Owner after Your Retirement?

Why Should You Become an Orchard Owner after Your Retirement?

If I asked you to tell me about a day that you felt as if you could conquer the entire world, the day that made you so happy that eyes were shining as bright as stars, what would your answer be?

I have experienced a day like this in my life. And let me tell you, it was not my wedding day or the day that I became a mother since I have not encountered the love of my life yet.

So, the happiest day of my life was the day I became a business owner. I had something to call my own. I had a registered property along with a registered business under my name. I was so proud of myself.

I am sure you would have experienced something similar,

when you must have bought your first car;

when you moved into your first home, 

when your first investment paid-out, and you started looking for more investment opportunities.

Being an owner is the perfect investment. Even if it is a Tommy Hilfiger watch, the purchase is going to be an utterly satisfying feeling, and you feel as if your life is going on the right track.

If a watch can make you feel that, imagine what an entire 20-acre orchard would make you think. The level of satiation you are bound to experience in that is going to be beyond words.

Here is why.

Live in the Bliss of Nature

An orchard is not going to be just a hundred square feet of land; it will be a massive property stretching as much as your eyes can see, which would be 10 acres on the minimum side.

With a 10 acre property that is going to be lined with trees upon fruit trees, nature would become your home.

An orchard, despite being a commercial business venture, is a nature’s front yard. People come to visit them to get a tiny glimpse into nature’s wonder.

Imagine how good you would feel living on that property and breathing in the fresh fruity air every day.

After living in the city, surviving its polluted air and congested apartments, living on an orchard for the latter years of your life is going the bliss you know you need.

Secure Your Income 

After you retire, you say goodbye to your monthly paycheck. Getting another job after 60 is not only challenging but is also not something you should look for. You have to part with your office desk at one point in life.

An orchard is going to give you that opportunity.

I am not saying that an orchard is not going to demand you work; it will. If you are starting again, the work is going to be plenty to keep you busy.

However, if you can hire a few employees, you do not need to be present for every minute little work detail, like other investments.

The best part is that orchards are pretty lucrative in terms of an income. Buying a few different types of fruits from the grocery store becomes an expensive affair; imagine how much you can earn from selling fruits grown on hundreds of trees.

An income from 40 to 50 grand a year is expected from an orchard without a speck of doubt.

However, apples, plum, and quince are said to be the most profitable amongst all fruit orchards. Cherries and walnuts are also beneficial enough to secure your retirement.

See the Growth

Whenever you invest in property, you are bound to see a growth in your investment. Land, be it commercial or agricultural, is going to grow in value.

And orchards require you to purchase acres upon acres of land, which is a very wise investment.

As we have already discussed, orchard can bring you an income that is more than enough to secure your necessities and become a supplement of your monthly salary.

The growth in land value is just another bonus.

Let me also tell you that a piece of agricultural land become more expensive if it is fertile. And trees are known to increase the fertility of the land. So, the profits will keep on pouring in.

Winding Up

In the end, I would want to say that orchards are not an affordable investment for many of us. They are costly, and establishing an orchard with sapling is going to be even more expensive.

A walnut tree will give you its profitable fruits for as long as 80 to 100 years. It seems appealing until you take into account that a walnut tree takes as many as 4 to 6 years to start bearing its fruits.

When you ask yourself the critical question of how to invest your money, seek an answer in orchards only when you know that you can manage the expenses efficiently.

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