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Biggest Health Challenge’s Facing Youth Now A Days

Biggest Health Challenge’s Facing Youth Now A Days

Did you know youth are the future of the country? And they are facing many challenges related to health. Due to this they are not able to get their goal. Sometimes they get the disease or any other health issue. This challenge is the obstacle in the way of success for youth. This problem of health should be removed from the atmosphere to the success of the youth. At some point, youth are themself responsible for that type of health challenge. Youth should focus on this in their first priority. Everybody is thinking about themselves and treating themselves on a regular basis. There is no future in his dream to do something honorable for the nation and our country. This achievement will give their family much respect in society.But youth are facing different challenges for health. The young are the future of the nation, but they are also very much its present. Around half of the world’s people are under the age of 20 (see figure 4.1). As proof from statistics and the observation of youth-serving NGOs show, adolescents who are healthy and happy are best equipped to contribute to their society as young citizens despite the major shifts occurring in the world they are about to receive. Youth are being unhealthy due to bad habits, poor sanitation, higher life risk, poor hygiene that are contributing to a deadly mix that is changing the classic picture of healthy youth. Some major problem youth are facing that described below:




Depression is a major cause of youth health. They are taking stress in their work and do not work that effectively that’s the result comes in negative. Depression is the top cause of illness and suicide is the third cause of death. Poverty, humiliation and feeling devalued can increase the risk of developing youth’s mental health problems. To achieve the goal of life a person should be more focused towards their goal. But at this time of youth are not focusing onto their goal even then they are sticking to resolve their mental health. So that at first priority we should remove the mental problem of youth.It will not be different by doing exercise daily and many other options are available to get release from mental problems.




Youth are consuming alcohol in their daily life. They are drinking this as much more after that they have a sense of respect for elders and younger people. Alcohol is drinking them slowly slowly as the lungs of youth are destroyed as he is taking alcohol. Alcohol kills his thinking power to anything and that results in them being unhealthy.They are getting disease from that. This will surely affect youth to their goal. And they are taking drugs as well alcohol. That is too harming them . Youths are taking risks with their lives and they are going towards failure.It reduces self-control and create risky behaviours, such as unsafe sex. It causes accidents when drinking alcohol and driving vehicles.




Today’s youth have bad habits and they are doing different types of bad work. They are punishable sometimes. But they are not accepting their fault after doing so . Youth are doing fun  and talk with each other Due to lack of patience, they have much anger that they are showing to others and creating violence with other people. They have no  tendency to talk. Due to this they are just only destroying our health and nothing else.Globally, some 30% of girls aged 15 to 19 practical violence by a partner. With this type of health challenge youth are not  too focused on our goal.


  • Injuries:


Youth are doing different types of work which is punishable by police, our people. Means they are violating in public. IN order to violate in public, sometimes they are getting injuries that will affect their health most. Sometimes this will become the cause of death.Unintentional injuries are a major cause of death and disability among youth. In 2012, some 120 000 youth died as a result of road traffic accidents. Drowning is also a leading cause of death among youth – 60 000, two-thirds of them boys, drowned in 2012.




There are many ways to get distracted from their goal of youth. They are using tobacco and smoking in their daily life. Smoking is injurious to youths. That will give him a huge loss of health. That is the reason, youth are not achieving their goal at this time.Globally, at least 1 in 10 youths (aged 13 to 15) uses tobacco, although there are some cities where this figure is much higher.




According to a survey, many youth are not doing exercise daily. That will not give them proper nutrition to youths. They are not focussing on food nutrition and protein which give idea and innovation and creativity of different plans and works to youth.

Developing healthy eating and exercise habits at this age of youth are foundations for good health in adulthood. Reducing the marketing of foods high in unhealthy food like as : saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, free sugars, or salt and providing access to healthy foods and occasion to engage in  physical activity. That is important for all but especially children and adolescents.

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