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How To Enhance & Optimize Your Android Smartphone?

How To Enhance & Optimize Your Android Smartphone?

You love your phone for sure but have you ever thought to enhance its efficiency and optimize it for more improved performance? Well, if not then do it now.

Android phones are the most popular and used devices in the world. With lots of features and the facility to customize it in your way, the android devices are also prone to lagging, battery draining and malwares over the time. Thus, to keep it running smoothly and use it for a longer time, you need to give it extra care and consideration. How?

Let’s take a look at it now. But before that you should understand why the lagging or battery issues occur in your android device.

Why Do Android Devices Slow Down or Lag Over Time?

The main reason for lagging and slowing down devices is the junk files and cache that gets accumulated in your phone with continuous usage. Although Android devices do it to make your experience smoother but with time these filling up of cache files causes your phone to perform slow. Also, the excessive apps and media files that you download every then and now are some prominent factors that reduce speed and efficiency.

Moreover, the number of apps running in the background and syncing data increases the load over the device’s processor and drains the battery to a large extent.

So, to boost your Android device’s speed and save its battery life, the first step is deep cleaning and freeing up some space so that your android may breathe and work without any sluggishness.

In this post, we have gathered a list of optimization methods, great tricks and the best android cleaner app that may quickly boost your phone’s efficiency and make it deliver exceptional device performance. Let’s take a quick glance.

How to Speed up Android Phone Performance?

With some few tweaks and changes, you may easily optimize your phone’s speed and boost its efficiency and battery performance. Thus, follow the quick tips and tricks so that you may optimize your phone and make it more powerful, efficient and useful.

1. Uninstall Power-hungry or Unwanted Apps

The first step you need to do is to uninstall the apps that are draining your battery and not used for a longer period. Remember you can install the apps anytime and you need not clutter it for the sake of losing it. Uninstall the apps and reclaim the space so that it could be allocated to other functions.

To uninstall the apps, just go to Settings>> Apps>> Search for the apps that are not used frequently and tap to uninstall it. You may also manage your apps with the help of android phone cleaner apps and identify the one used less.

 2. Kill the Bloatware

There are many apps in your phone that are pre-installed by the manufacturers and remain unused. These apps are called Bloatware and cover a large part of your device’s storage. Also, bloatware run in the background and utilize device resources and burden it to go slow and sluggish.

To remove the bloatware from your phones, navigate to Settings>> Apps>> Search for the apps that you don’t use and tap on it. You will find two options: Disable and Force Stop. Tap on “Disable” and click on OK or Disable to confirm the disabling of system apps.

3. Stop Syncing

Syncing allows you to synchronize your data and get updated about the running Google services in your phone such as mail and notifications. But unknowingly it puts an excessive burden on your device’s resources and battery.

To stop syncing unrequired services or only have it when you need, you should go to Settings>> Accounts or User Accounts>> Tap on the account for which you want to stop syncing and Turn off Auto-Sync.

4. Update your Phone

For improved device performance, make sure your Android device firmware is up to date. Updating your android device removes the bugs and updates the security pat which in turn secures your device and improves user-experience.

The process of updating phone software is different according to the version and model of android device. However, the common process involves navigating to settings>> About Phone>> System Updates.

5. Run Android Phone Cleaner

The best android cleaner app can deep clean your device and boost your phone speed, battery and security instantly. The apps like Advanced Phone Cleaner offer various features such as Junk Cleaner, Duplicate photo cleaner, Battery booster etc to improve device performance. Using the app, you can easily save your time and leave all the worries to clean your phone and protect your device. The app itself will remind of junk files and will allow you to boost device speed and battery at one tap.

Follow Easy Hacks and Optimize Your Phone

The above-mentioned tips and suggestions can make your Android device perform faster and smoother without any professional assistance. So, try these tips and tweaks or in one tap optimize your android device using the best android phone cleaner app now.

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