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Questions Which Ask To Boy Or Girl When Choosing A Life Partner

Questions Which Ask To Boy Or Girl When Choosing A Life Partner

The biggest question is, what to consider before marriage and what to not. You won’t have much time to get to know about your life partner, which makes it difficult to know the person from inside. If you want to know more about a girl who sees your family as capable of becoming your beloved wife. Some important questions to ask before marriage to get a better insight of her.

For choosing a life partner following things to consider before marriage:

Are you mentally prepared to get married?

The most vital question to ask a girl is, “Is she mentally prepared for marriage?” Because it’s not a children’s play. A girl must leave her parents and prepare herself emotionally so that she leaves a paternal home and should go to her husband’s home after getting married. She has to keep in mind that she has to live with her new family and that she will spend the rest of her life with them. 

Do you have any past / present relationships?

A very important but underrated question in today’s world. We all know that there are small fights and relationships in society these days. Therefore, we do not care much about it.

Would you feel comfortable if your wife ended something from the past after marriage?

If you are not informed about it beforehand, you may feel cheated.

Therefore, it is best to be clear about everything with your partner and your past and avoid any problems and confusion later. When you swear to live your future together, both have the right to know the past. Both your present and future are built on the past.

Can you handle the responsibilities?

When a girl gets married, there are so many responsibilities. Not only she becomes a homemaker, but she also becomes a very important person in the house who carries all accountabilities on her shoulder in the absence of her partner and relatives. You should ask her if she is ready to handle the responsibilities. But taking charge here does not mean that you will tame her, it means that you will support and help her whenever she needs.

Do you want to work after you are married or want to be a homemaker?

Today’s women have a clear vision of ​​what they want from life. If you want to know about her choice, then ask her openly whether she is happy to be a homemaker or a working woman. Admire her choice and backing up her decision so that she can live her life independently.

What is your educational background and would you like to continue your education?

Education is a very essential thing that helps to build a great society and a woman needs to be educated so that she can give good ethics ​​to her children. You should ask her some questions about her education and if she wants to continue studying or not.

What are your interests?

When chatting friendly, ask about her interests and what she wants to do in her spare time so that you understand her nature better.

What are your likes and dislikes?

Never forget to ask for her likes and dislikes so that you don’t get hurt by certain gestures or things she does not like.

Do you know how to cook and what kind of food do you like?

Food can bring two people closer together and uplift their spirits with different tastes. Tell her about your family’s eating habits and ask if she is a vegan or a non-vegan, so you can give her the freedom she likes. Ask her if she knows how to cook or not, so you can ask your mother to teach her and make an expert like her. If she doesn’t know how to cook well, do not worry because she will learn over time.

What are the things you are looking for in your future husband?

This is clearly a marriage proposal question, which you are very excited to ask her. Every girl has some hopes from her future husband. Some girls don’t want a person who is addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc., while others want to behave like their parents, talk softly and be helpful. So you have to ask her what qualities she expects from her future husband and see if you are suited or not on her expectations.

Are you ok to move to another city or country with me if required?

Behind every successful man, there is a woman who stands with him. In today’s world, if you don’t chase success, you can’t live a healthy and prosperous life, so the initial years of your marriage can help you shape your future and move from one city to another for an established job.

Before moving to another place, you should ask her if she is happy traveling with you to another city or not. And fortunately, if you are a good stable guy and if your home town is in another city then you should ask her the same question.

Are you fighting with any disease or have any past bad medical condition?

A strong mind and a fit body are crucial for a better life. Ask her if she is physically fit or not, whether she has any medical problems or if you can help her cope, or seek the advice of a good doctor. It helps you to avoid doing things that affect her health and both of you live a better life together.

What is the idea of ​​saving and spending plans?

Saving and spending is also a matter of discussion with friends and colleagues. Then why not with your future wife?

Understand sensibly to her plans and try to evaluate her financial plan. This will help you to weigh the level of maturity of the person as far as money matters.

Do you look after your parents (financially) after marriage?

Once a girl is married, she will not be separated from her first home. If she wants to take care of her parents, she will do that even after marriage. It’s very important to ask this question to your future wife. Because it’s good to be transparent about everything with your partner.

These are the questions to ask before marriage so you can clearly choose your life partner wisely.

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