Some of the least visited gems of Delhi

Some of the least visited gems of Delhi

Delhi, the capital state of India is full-fledged with diverse cultural traditions, ancient stories of a bygone era, some strong forts and also some lip-smacking street foods that are famed for its incredible spicy ingredients. Delhi is the place that is mish-mashed with diverse cultures and values, you will see here people flying to this city in a job hunt and unknowingly carrying the fragrance of their states and this is the main essence of Delhi.

 If you think that Delhi tour is only visiting India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan, then this article will surely break your superstition and will make you jump out of your skin when you find the hidden gems of the city lights that are least visited by tourists.

 If Delhi is your next stop for spending your vacation then keep scrolling to mark some unique and undiscovered places of Delhi in your travel diary.

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas village is situated in the heart of Delhi and is easily approachable by the metro. Encircled with the modern cafes and bars, this place is a perfect blend of modern culture and medieval remnants. The place is well suited for love words and for the ones who want to spend some “Me Time” for a refreshing start. Hauz Khas is the nearest metro station to get to this place. The best time to visit this place is on weekdays to avoid less crowd and disturbance. Moreover, you can also visit this place on weekends, but the place gets squeezed up with mostly love birds on Sundays.

Majnu Ka Tila

 This place is also known as “Mini Tibet” because of the residence of Tibetan refugees who are the followers of Dalai Lama, their spiritual leader. This place is worthwhile to visit that will give you a feel of Tibetian culture. The place is jam-packed with Tibetian restaurants, cafes, guest houses, and bookshops. Deboard to Vidhan Sabha metro station from where you can hire a cab or an auto that will drop you to your destination.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli is the deepest well step of the medieval period that brings charm to this place. Situated some miles away from Connaught Place, this place is a perfect spot for a weekend getaways and photography, yes you heard that right! If you’re a perfect photographer then this place will work as a perfect backdrop that will surely sprinkle the sense of composition and professionalism in your portfolio. Janpath and Barakhamba metro station are the nearest ones to reach this place. You can also take a cab ride from Rajiv Chowk to reach your destination.

Satpula Bridge

Satpula bridge is the least visited ancient structure that has a long back history. “Sat” means Seven and “Pula” means Bridge, which forms Seven bridges. The satpula bridge was built for water harvesting and was the only source of survival in ancient times. Also, this structure acted as a defense mechanism to dismantle the attacks of invaders during the colonial period of Sultan Mohammed Shah Tughlaq. Malviya Nagar is the nearest metro station to reach this place.

Delhi War Cemetery

This place was a memorial of the Indian soldiers who martyred for the British Commonwealth in the second world war. Delhi war cemetery is the house of graves of Indian soldiers that lie in Delhi cantonment area, make sure you keep your ID proof handy to clear the security checks of this place. The tall exquisite pillars will give you the chills and ignite the feeling of patriotism inside you.

Mirza Ghalib ki haveli

This exquisite haveli of the renowned Urdu poet  Mirza Ghalib is the soul of Chandni Chowk that still holds up some of his commendable works even today. The haveli is still conserved and maintained by the Government of India. This place also has an in-house museum that still has some fragments of the most challenging days of his life. This place is worthwhile to visit if you love to turn the pages of prehistoric events. Chawri Bazaar is the nearest metro station to reach this place. The haveli is open to visiting every day except Monday( 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Sanjay Van

It is the lesser-known fact that a city like Delhi contains a large dense forest and greenery. Go on a date with nature or if you’re looking for a “Me time”. Sanjay Van is managed by the Indian government that holds in the lush green forest and home of monkeys. The forest that spread over 780 acres of land is a perfect place to do bird photography.

Streets of Chandni Chowk


You might have visited Chandni Chowk to enjoy the Indian cuisines that ferment with recipes of the medieval period. But, the streets of Chandni Chowk still hold up some pieces of an ancient period such as  Haveli Dharampura that will take you into the era of the Mughal dynasty and their royal delicacies. Also, don’t forget to visit Chunnamal Haveli that has witnessed the Indian rebellion war of 1857! The haveli is still standing stern and greets every visitor that passes through the gates.  Every nook and corner of Chandni Chowk has something different to tell you that is still followed as a legacy.

Bijay Mandal

Bijay Mandal  was built in the 14th century. This marvelous structure has partially disappeared and partially survived  with the sands of time.BIjay Mandal was once used to be the symbol of power and position of the Tughlaq dynasty that has now turned into the remnant of the 14th century.The nearest metro station is Hauz khas that is approachable, from there you can hire  an auto rickshaw to reach this place. The timings are open from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

Hijron Ka Khanqah

Situated into the hustle-bustle of Mehrauli, this place is not into the spotlight of the tourist attraction around the city but worth a visit. This place is named “Hijro Ka Khanqah”  and was built to honor transgenders. The graves are here from the Lodi era and are still well conserved and maintained. The soothing and calm ambiance around the graves of transgenders is something that is hard to find in Delhi.

Jahaz Mahal Fort

Jahaz Mahal fort was built in the 16th century, the fort is best known for the illusion that it used to create. The fort is encircled with the water reservoir that used to reflect the image of the palace as a sailing ship. And that is how the fort got its name. Qutab Minar metro station is the nearest one from where you can book a cab to reach this place. It is advised to visit this place before the sun goes down as the gates are open until 7:00 PM.

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