The Benefits of traveling alone | Solo Travel Lover

The Benefits of traveling alone | Solo Travel Lover

We want new experiences and new adventures, but it can be impossible to do without a traveling friend. But, of course, you are more likely to do so when you are alone. So there are a lot of advantages of solo trip.

Book your holiday for a day or two and then see how it feels. If you like the experience, stretch it for a week. Once you overcome your early fear, you will realize that it is not as awful as it thinks.

Here are the top 10 benefits of solo travelling:

1. You are Freedom from social expectations
Traveling by yourself is better than traveling with someone who loves things you don’t do, such as buying expensive food or just walking around. You get all the freedom you like and you move at your own pace. No one tells you where you need to go and what you need to do. Always you need to make your own plans.

If you disagree with something, then you don’t even have to worry about reasoning. It forces you to make your own decisions and be independent. You are responsible for your joy and security when traveling alone.

If you are a female, then there are many benefits of solo female travel. The solo female traveler is raising herself for more improvement, the solo travelling is not considered only for singles, but mothers, grandmothers and for wives too. Simply, take a break from your daily work routine and just go for solo travelling and find out who you really are. 

2. You know more about yourself
On a journey you don’t know, you start to learn more about yourself. Because you are on your own, you have to be yourself and you have to follow your heart.

You learn what you can and what you fear. You have no choice but to face your fears and face any problems yourself. Traveling alone gives you plenty of time and occasions to know yourself better.

3. Personalize your budget and save your money
Budgeting is one of the toughest parts of a trip, and even when you have to adjust to someone else’s priorities. Traveling solo means you have to decide whether you want to allocate cash for some simple meals, or eat and go for good accommodations.

And if you want to budget your expenses, you don’t have to care about how someone else feels. Sometimes traveling alone is less costly than a partner or group of friends because there is no pressure to spend money.

As you make your financial plans for travel, remember that having a proper credit card is an important part of the process. You can earn free travel points and if you get a card that does not charge foreign transaction fees, you will save money.

In addition, a good credit card comes with many travel allowances such as free checked bags and travel insurance. Don’t disremember to bring a fee-free debit card with you to easily withdraw money from any place.

4. You free your mind
Traveling alone can free your mind in many ways. This is the best time to analyze the things you do and think about many things in your life. It gives you a lot of feel in your life. When we quit our daily routine, so many innovative thoughts come to our mind, we begin to understand things better.

5. You meet new people
You experience new things throughout the journey, you will also meet new people. If you are traveling with a group of friends or your family, you have very less chances to meet other travelers. You devote more time with your friends than going out to meet other travelers.

When you are alone, you are traveling by bus or by auto to a new destination, taking your own breakfast and sharing a room with complete strangers. 

6. Learn new languages
One of your travel goals is to learn a foreign language, and there is no other way better than traveling alone. When traveling with friends or family, you are more likely to talk with your native language. But when you are on your own, you have no choice. You need to learn new language.

7. Improve your decision making skills
Traveling alone can be hard, you need to be accountable and well planned. You will know if you can quickly recover from some possible problems and worse conditions. It puts you in a place where you can do almost anything to communicate with other people.

When you are in control of every decision, you see that you are responsible for every little work you do. You need to be stronger and confident while taking decisions.

8. You Enjoy things without fear of being judged
One the most important part of the trip is eating, be it a fancy restaurant, local cafe or street food. When you are traveling alone, you can start trying things you don’t normally eat at home. You can order as many meals as you want because there is no one who can watch how many times you can eat breakfasts, lunch or dinner.

9. Wonderful memories you can take home
The biggest benefits of solo travelling is that you can definitely bring home some breathtaking memories.

There are experiences that you will not experience if you are not travelling alone. Discover the inner workings of your mind, body and spirit and you will return to home with a new clarity. It is not just a memory, you have overcome your fear and have done something you do not know about yourself.

So, as you can see, traveling alone is not as frightening and awful as it may seem at first. Certainly, the big highlights are independence, challenges, meet new people and other new experiences

The major advantages of solo trip is, it will improve your character and give you enormous opportunities to learn more about yourself.

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