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We thank you for expressing your interest in contributing to our blog.

We aim to provide quality, up-to-date and original content on a variety of topics to our audience. We are continuously looking for freelancers, bloggers and guest writers who are adding value to our content and looking to showcase their articles on our website.

We attempt for a top quality content of sufficient quality to provide continuous value to our readers. If you have insights, thoughts, ideas and well-researched topics that you think are valuable to our viewers, you are welcome to write for us.

What kind of Guest post articles we accept

We offer a great chance for the author to “write for us”. You can post original and high quality content. So find a fresh topic and start writing for us. We publish your valuable articles on our website. Content that you can write for us should be unique and not contain any plagiarism content or copy content. Keep all the Google’s guidelines in mind when writing the content for guest posting. The content should be written properly so that the reader can simply recognize what you are talking about.

What kind of content topics do we publish?

We publish the following topics including:

  1. Fashion & Beauty 
  2. Health & Fitness 
  3. Travel 
  4. Lifestyle 
  5. Business 
  6. Tech 
  7. Entrepreneur & Start Up 
  8. Digital Marketing 
  9. General 
  10. Tips & Tricks

Guidelines for guest post submissions and instructions for publishing:

We accept unique and quality content. Once you submit your content to Big Blog World for posting, our editors will review it to ensure it complies with our publishing guidelines. Consider the following main areas at the time of writing:

  1. Your article is 100% original and plagiarism free. Your content should not be available anyplace on the web.
  2. Check your content for spelling and grammar errors before submission.
  3. Create a specific title in 70 characters. Content must be at least 800 to 1000 words long.
  4. It is advisable to use the image to make your article look more attractive. Make sure that your article does not infringe on copyright with content and images. In this case you have to give credit to the image owner.
  5. Add high resolution images to at least 1 (compulsory). The image resolution should be 800px x 800px. We prefer images in PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats only.
  6. Articles are likely to be published who have sufficient facts and citations.
  7. Articles should be easily read and separated into sub-sections as well as with sub-headings.
  8. All hyperlinks in the post should go to a relevant and authorized website. If we find a broken link in the article, we will not accept the article.
  9. You can add one link in the article and another link to your bio.
  10. Non-promotional and affiliate links are not accepted in the article.
  11. We reserve the right to edit and manage your submitted article for guest posting.
  12. We accept guest posts in the format of Microsoft Word documents (MS Word) or Google documents.
  13. We choose which article should publish. Your content writing should be well written, unique, attention-grabbing, and educate the readers.

Which articles we don’t accept:

  1. Topics that have already appeared on our blog. Please go through our website before submitting your articles.
  2. Articles must belong to our categories. We do not publish topics with irrelevant categories.

How do you benefitted from posting on our website?

  1. Get a quality Permanent “do follow” referral backlinks
  2. Your article will be posted on our website for a lifetime.
  3. Free niche specific traffic.
  4. We share blogs on our social platforms.

How to submit your guest post on our Website

If your article is ready and follows our guidelines, then email us on contactbbwnow@gmail.com with the following information:

  • A short introduction about yourself (maximum of 60 words)
  • Full Article (minimum 800+ words)
  • When you send the email please add this subject line “Guest Posting Submission”.

We will take one or two days to read your article, if it matches with all of our guidelines. Then we post your article on our website.

Our editors review your article to determine if it fits the scope of our content and whether it is relevant to our audience or not. Then we’ll send you feedback on your pitch.

Our team reviews the last draft and gives you feedback for modification. If approved, we will schedule your post for publication. If not approved by us, you can publish your post on another website whenever you want.

We look forward to promoting your valuable content on our website and appreciate you as a guest writer.

Submit your guest post and give valuable contribution to our blog.

We would be happy to hear from you.

Happy blogging.

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