The Ultimate Guide: Torrenting & its Uses

Torrenting has grabbed quite an attention from the past few years. As per various resources, approximately 3.35% of the total internet traffic gets handled through BitTorrent which brings around 170 or more monthly web users. This method is basically used to download and upload e-books, movies, games, songs, and many more by the torrent clients. It is a ubiquitous method used by the torrents to get the files all across the globe. Although, there are various aspects of torrenting to those many of you are still unaware.

In the torrenting process, the file gets transferred by a number of users who have that file already in their computer rather than being download from a single server or source. Although, you can avoid all the possible risks involved in this process by selecting any of the best Virtual Private networks for torrenting that will provide your peer-to-peer file sharing complete protection.

What is torrenting?

Torrenting is a type of P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing technology where a large number of users can share and connect their files despite being dependent on a single source or website to download files. There are various sites like yggtorrent which provide these incredible torrent services.

Users not only download the files from the direct source but also from other users of the similar torrent that facilitates a smooth transfer among all the users. Each one of the peers acts as a small server and eventually reduces the network load.

It is very easy to look for your preferred file on the internet and download it through torrent. Although, the user’s torrenting experience gets improved to an incredible level if once they get to know the methods exist each time when a file gets the download.


What are the different users of the torrent?

There are different ways to do a particular activity. Likewise, for downloading movies, songs, games, and many more, there are various ways among which torrent and direct downloading are the most preferred ones. It’s really surreal to see that even after having a direct option to download files from the source still, people use torrent to do so.

Why people are more inclined towards torrent for downloading movies and all? What are the reasons behind people interest towards torrent? Why people prefer torrent the most over all the regular download options? Hence, there are some important reasons due to which torrent surpass the latter options.

  • Torrent is free of cost.
  • High speed downloading.
  • Multi-servers support.
  • Completely hassle-free.

People like to download files from a torrent because of the above mention incredible benefits. Torrent allow people to download files free of cost and with complete ease. P2P technology plays an important part in torrenting.

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