Crafty Ideas With The Leftover Fabric Of Yours

Most of the people have some leftover fabrics with them. Such people might love that fabric because of some sentimental issues. While there are many DIY ways using which you can repair your leftover fabric or craft it into something different. You can also add some extra trims on the fabric to make it more beautiful. If you have such type of scrap clothing material with yourself, then you should consider the ideas shown in this article. Using which you can be able to design creative and incredible craft works (Artesanato).


Old bag design


Your bag is looking dull because it’s too old. While you can use the patchwork design on its surface to make it look more beautiful. This will create a vintage look for your bag.  Patch over the surface of the bag gives the vintage look for your bag.


Fabric scrap magnet

There are some fabric scraps which are precious and you can’t throw out them. In such a case you can use such scrumptious fabrics as fabric scrap magnet. This way, you can be to create classy looking magnet buttons or designs without spending any extra.


Pillow scrap fabric

You can also make use of your scrap clothes to create a pillow. You can for pillow covers with your scarp clothes, or you can create patches and designs in your pillows to make it look more beautiful. While you do not need to be an expert for sewing a pillow.  You just need to practice some basic sewing to create fine looking pillow covers using scrap fabrics.


Pocket warmers

While you would like to create a handcrafted gift for your friends. Then you could create the pocket warmers for your friends. In the winters, it is best to give something useful to your friends. It is super easy to create the pair of pocket warmer and it could be a handy gift for your friends in the winter.


Zipper pouch

Another great idea for using your scarp clothing is to sew the little pouches. You can use this pouches as a purse or you can also use it as a spec keeping pouch as well. With the different types of fabric, you can create amazing looking pouches which can be easily sewed and crafted.


There are many more things which can create using your old fabrics. While using the above ideas, you can craft the artifacts which are easy to create and it would also give the attractive appearance also.

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